NEW Live at Muddy Roots Europe CD

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NEW Live at Muddy Roots Europe CD

I think it’s safe to say 2020 has been a trying year for each of us. With so many of our shows, tours and festivals being cancelled, it’s my intent that this performance from MRE 2014 might ease the pain for us to some degree.
Jared McGovern & Liz Sloan (Urban Pioneers, Broken Band) & The Dinosaur Truckers share their magic in the set &
The artwork for the album came from fliers, paintings & drawings done by our beloved Christoph Heuer “The Mudfather” himself, Jason Galaz..
I hope that you’ll relive the magic we’ve shared together whenever you hear this CD my friends & look forward to seeing you all again in 2021!

Track listing-
99 Lives
Dying Healer Waltz
To Cater to Failure
Never Meant
I’m the One *(originally by Glenn Danzig)
As Beautiful As You Are
Risk the Fall
Til Tomorrow+
My Pain+
One Last Kiss+
Don’t Let Teardrops Fill Your Eyes

+featuring The Dinosaur Truckers, Liz Sloan & Jared McGovern