Personalized Hunnigram CD

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Personalized Hunnigram CD

I’ve had the pleasure of recording several personalized songs and messages for some of you over the years and my recent experience with Leestavall Records got me to thinking “Why not make something like this available to all of you on a regular basis?!”. So here it is! Kind of like a telegram, but with some cool extras from me, so I decided we had to call it a Hunnigram just for fun! 😁
My handwriting was a little shaky on the Risk the Fall one, but you all get the idea ;-)

You get
-Personalized Vinyl CD with song of your choice
(Signed and labeled on white label of CD)
-Mp3 of the audio
-Handwritten/signed thank you note
(On inside of CD cover shown)
-Guitar pick used to record your song

*please specify who the song is for and if there’s anything specific you’d like me to say along with it- happy anniversary, happy birthday, etc.. I will gladly sing Happy Birthday after the song you choose if this is intended to be a birthday present also 😉
**don’t forget to include a valid email to receive your mp3 if you want one 😁
*** If you don't see the song you'd like listed, message me & we'll figure it out!